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Kitty Daisy & Lewis
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Author:  e-botti [ Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Kitty Daisy & Lewis


Author:  Prudence [ Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:20 pm ]
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Thanks for posting that e-botti, it's great! I love the xylophone.

Author:  e-botti [ Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:25 pm ]
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you are very welcome.

check out their album 'KITTY DAISY & LEWIS' it's sooo's been released in December and for me it's one of the best of 2008...

Author:  MR L [ Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:03 pm ]
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fantastic album!

Author:  johnny [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 5:59 pm ]
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Supporting Coldplay on their US tour!

Author:  Mandy G [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:59 pm ]
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Poor kids apparently the us coldplay tour has had less than great ticket sales, that is one support band I'd rather see than the main one. Apologies coldplay fans but I think they are pants.

Author:  noblebones [ Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:18 am ]
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I knew this rang a bell - they were one of the other acts on at the Nottingham City Pulse event when I went to see Pete Molinari. Very enjoyable and energetic they were too.

Have some videos from the day to upload, so will post the links when I eventually get around to it.

Author:  blazen69 [ Wed Aug 19, 2009 5:31 am ]
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Gotta agree with you Mandy G.Coldplay sucks ass.:puker:
Don't get what the fuss with them is.A friend picked up their new one and
played it at my place.The only song i could tolerate was Violet Hill.
Just barely.Just my two cents.I could be wrong.It's been known to happen
on rare occasions.Hadn't heard of Kitty Daisy & Lewis before.Great stuff.
Thanks e-botti.

Author:  johnny [ Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:22 pm ]
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Kitty , Daisy and Lewis on German TV

Author:  Mandy G [ Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:47 pm ]
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Smashing, thanks for posting forgot how good they are. Might have to give the album a play now!! :)

Author:  Jan H [ Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:52 pm ]
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Mandy G wrote:
Smashing, thanks for posting forgot how good they are. Might have to give the album a play now!! :)

They are fantastic - saw them at the Royal Albert Hall last year and thought they were good before I realised how young they are (16, 18 & 20 or thereabouts?)

Author:  johnny [ Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:15 am ]
Post subject: ... m-so-sorry

Author:  johnny [ Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:51 pm ]
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New video

Author:  johnny [ Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:08 pm ]
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Latest video ... ure=colike

Author:  beeshette [ Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:44 pm ]
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Cool...& thanks for putting me on to them....been having some fun listening to the new album...cheers..x

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